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Blue Chili Cars is a UK-based broker in operation since , with a combined experience of over 20 years in the vehicle leasing and sales industry. It offer cars and vans for both business and private individuals, whether for hire purchase, lease purchase, PCP or PCH.

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Find leasing deals from Blue Chili Cars. Hippo offers personal and business leasing on vans, cars and used vehicles, as well as offering deals for customers with poor credit and even no-deposit leasing deals. Find leasing deals from Hippo Leasing. One of the largest leasing companies in the UK, Nationwide Vehicle Contracts has been operating since , offering both cars and vans to private and business customers. It can deliver nationwide and provides brand new cars from UK dealers.

Find leasing deals from Nationwide Vehicle Contracts. A UK based company first established in , Select Car Leasing supplies both cars and vans but deals only in leasing for private individuals and business users. Select Car Leasing frequently offer deals through their website and also have a dedicated team available 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday and 10am until 4pm Saturdays. Find leasing deals from Select Car Leasing. Established in , V4B is a specialist broker in personal and business leasing, but also offers short-term hire for business users between one day and 12 months under its ACV Hire banner.

It offers PCH for private customers and contract hire for business users, with a wide range of cars and commercial vehicles to choose from, as well as regular special offers and a dedicated section on low-emission vehicles. Find leasing deals from V4B. If you like the idea of being able to change your car regularly then a PCH holds a lot of appeal.

Some companies can offer leases of 12 months, so you could change your car as frequently as once a year. You are also unaffected by depreciation, as you are unaffected by the value of the vehicle at the end of the term. One of the main drawbacks of a PCH is that because you will not own the car at any point, straying outside the agreed terms for mileage and condition at the end of the term will mean financial penalties, which could add up to a significant sum. You are also tied into the contract for the duration, so if you decide to end the agreement for any reason you will most likely have to pay a fee to do so.

Finally, a PCH may be more expensive than a competitive hire purchase agreement, so you may end up paying more to hire a car than if you had bought it outright. You need to insure a lease car yourself, even though it is not owned by you during the hire period. Although you are not paying to take ownership of the car, it is in your custody and is essentially your responsibility for the duration, which means the vehicle insurance is paid for by you. The finance company will have their own policies to cover a loss on the vehicle but this does not cover your use of it.

If there is vehicle damage it is recommended that you contact your vehicle insurance company to notify them. Even if you pay for the repair of any damage yourself it is important to be covered in case another party makes a claim against you. A crucial difference with a lease vehicle is that the leasing company will want any repairs to be carried out by a repair specialist approved by them, and a failure to do so may cause you significant problems. If repairs are required it is recommended that you put your insurance company in touch with the leasing company so that they can communicate with each other.

If you have a PCH then the registered keeper, and legal owner, of the car is the finance company responsible for providing the lease. In simple terms the finance house has purchased the car and is hiring it to you, so their name is the one that appears on all the important paperwork. This is important, because when you arrange your car insurance it is crucial that you inform your provider that you are not the legal owner or registered keeper. Tthis may also have a negative effect on your premium, so be sure to shop around.

Another factor to keep in mind is that any parking tickets or speeding fines that are generated may be sent to the registered keeper, and how this is then delt with depends on the individual company, so be sure to read the small print. Some leasing companies will pay the fine as soon as it arrives and then invoice you, with an administration fee added on top. If the vehicle is declared as a total loss by your insurance company then you are liable for the value of the car at the time of it being written off.

This is because the leasing company do not have insurance to cover the loss of the vehicle. While it is in your custody during the loan period you are required to insure the car, so a total loss means you are required to cover that loss. The payout from your insurance company will cover some or all of the total amount outstanding, but in the event that it is less this amount you will be liable for the difference.

In these circumstances GAP insurance would cover you for this difference, so it is something you may wish to consider before taking up a PCH lease. Unlike a PCP where there is the option to buy the vehicle at the end of the term, a PCH is strictly a lease, and so there is no option to buy. At the end of the term the vehicle is returned to the leasing company for resale, and therefore it has to meet the mileage and condition criteria that were given at the start of the agreement.

Failure to meet these criteria will mean paying additional penalties.

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It is possible to end a PCH early, but because of the way in which lease cars are funded it is not simply a case of returning the vehicle and walking away. If you are having financial difficulties and struggling to meet your monthly payments, your first course of action should be to contacting the leasing company and explain the situation.

They may be able to assist you by re-arranging the terms of your agreement and lowering your monthly payment. If this option is not available or you are determined to end the agreement early, what happens next depends on the leasing company and the terms of your agreement, but you will be liable for a proportion of the remaining monthly hire costs - anything from 50 per cent to per cent. This process is called early termination, and individual leasing companies will have different ways of calculating the early termination fee as well as determining your eligibility. The reason for this is because the vast majority of lease vehicles are purchased by the finance provider in order to provide the vehicle for your use, and your monthly payment is calculated on the calculated cost of the vehicle use and its depreciation during the hire period.

Unless the vehicle can be sold at a price which clears the remaining finance and more, the leasing company will lose money on the deal - hence the result is usually a requirement for you to pay early termination fees. The short answer is a simple no. Even if it happens to be the best car you have ever driven, no amount of begging or pleading will allow you to buy it.

If you are super-keen you may be able to find out where the car will be re-sold, as the lease company is likely to have an established sell-on route for vehicles that come to the end of their lease period, but there are no guarantees this information will be available. You pay a deposit and have a fixed monthly payment over the length of the agreement.

The UK's top 10 best-selling cars of 12222 (updated)

However, at the end of the agreement, there are no options - the vehicle must be returned. You can still walk away completely or start a new agreement, but you cannot purchase the vehicle. It is a leased vehicle - you are not purchasing it. Could see a similar leap forward? That depends on the standard of the new Peugeot It will be available as an electric car, called the e, which is set to have a mile range.

Of course, there are also petrol and diesel versions. Plus, a GTI in the near future. Ask about reserving a Peugeot Now owned by the Peugeot-Citroen group, it will get new underpinnings, new engines — including an electric version - and, well, new everything, frankly. Despite the rise in sales of tall crossovers and SUVs, four-door cars are having a renaissance by combining the curvy styling of sporty coupes with the extra practicality of rear doors.

Hyundai's i30 Fastback has a similar shape too. It's not just an extended version of the existing 2 Series , but an all-new model that will be used as the basis for the new BMW 1 Series and 2 Series Coupe. All we've seen so far is a teaser shot from the back of the car, shown above. When you make one of the world's best medium-sized cars, there's no shame in introducing a new model that offers more of the same.

So this year's brand new BMW 3 Series has the brand's familiar design, a similar interior layout and the same promise of a comfortable ride combined with sporty and nimble performance. It's slightly larger, bringing more interior space, and the technology has, naturally, been upgraded. For more information, read our guide to the BMW 3 Series. For years, you've been able to choose different versions of the same car, based on the type of boot or the number of doors.

Now you can choose different heights. If the standard Ford Focus seems a bit too low for you, but you don't want the lofty height of the similarly-sized Ford Kuga, then the Ford Focus Active sits in the middle. There's more 30mm space between the bottom of the car and the ground, compared with the standard Focus, so the car's less likely to be scraped on rough dirt tracks or rocky ground. It doesn't come with four wheel drive for optimum performance off road, but does have some clever electronics that can reduce wheelspin when accelerating on a slippery surface.

The moody photos released by Mazda make it clear that the new 3 will be sold on its eye-catching looks as the technology underneath, which could mean that the company has a hit on its hands because the car isn't lacking in either department. It is capable of working like a petrol motor or a diesel, with spark plugs for petrol engine-style combustion, and the ability to switch to diesel-style compression ignition, too. The idea is to offer the economy of a diesel with the smooth nature and lower emissions of a petrol.

Ask about reserving a Mazda 3.

The people carrier, or multi-purpose vehicle, is clinging on for dear life, as drivers flock to SUVs. Mercedes is sticking it out, and its replacement for the B-Class will go on sale at the end of this year, with the first deliveries arriving in February. It's more sophisticated than ever, with Mercedes' double-widescreen dashboard and more space.

Mercedes claims that it should feel sporty to drive, despite the tall shape: the driver sits 9cm higher than in the company's new A-Class. Ask about reserving a Mercedes B-Class. There's no secret to Mercedes' best-selling A-Class : it's practical and efficient, but also desirable, thanks to its well-finished interior and large dashboard screens - as well as the Mercedes star on the bonnet, of course.

Outside, however, the car's sensible hatchback shape doesn't necessarily stir the emotions. That's the job of the CLA. From the front to the middle, it's similar design to Mercedes A-Class inside and out, but the back half is focused on style, as the roof curves down into the bootlid, which gently kicks up. This makes the s ilhouette sportier and more elegant.

The new SW, which goes on sale in January, trades some of the practicality of the model it succeeds the litre boot has lost 30 litres but most buyers are unlikely to care when the car looks so much more arresting. Petrol and diesel models will go on sale first, and a plug-in hybrid — like the VW Passat GTE - will be added in the autumn. Ask about reserving a Peugeot SW. Skoda has moved a long way from its budget brand roots - so much so that it has struggled to sell the low-priced Rapid hatchback, with an obviously cheap interior.

The information released so far for the Scala, emphasises the use of high-quality interior materials, mood lighting and a large dashboard touchscreen, which should move the car upmarket. The litre boot is said to be the largest in the category, giving the car greater capacity than a Volkswagen Golf or Ford Focus, and Skoda claims plenty of passenger room too. Ask about reserving a Skoda Scala. The new Corolla is efficient, practical and well-built - but now has a decent blend of comfort and agility, which means that it no longer feels like the more lumbering Auris it replaced.

There's no longer a diesel option: petrol or petrol-electric hybrid power are the only choices. Toyota Corolla buying guide. The Camry is coming back to replace the slightly old-hat Toyota Avensis. So expect massive discounts on them soon enough. But back to the Camry. This time around it'll be a hybrid, with a 2. Ask about reserving a Toyota Camry. Four-wheel drive will be offered with sporty models. Expect more of the same, along with improved comfort. The changes Golf owners will notice most are an all-digital dashboard — say goodbye to analogue dials and most of the switches and buttons — and a new level of technology that permits a greater degree of self-driving capability.

The prototype car is pictured above. The target is for a four-door, four-seat luxury car than can travel around miles on a single charge and turn heads wherever it stops to charge its batteries. Its batteries offer a driving range of around miles. The car is being built now, at a new factory in Brussels, which is said to be CO2-neutral. Ask about reserving a Audi e-tron. BMW has dabbled with electric cars already, namely the i3.

Now it is forging into more mainstream territory, with an electric SUV called the iX3. Ask about reserving a BMW iX3. The car is based on the design of the current Mini Hatchback, so it's likely to look similar to the popular small car.

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However, it is likely to include some design features, including a distinctive grille, from the Mini electric concept car that was unveiled last year. Ask about reserving a Mini EV. Cute looks can be worth billions of pounds in car sales: just look at the success of the Fiat and Mini Hatchback. Honda's electric city car is looking to repeat the trick, with a design that mimics a puppyish face, including large round headlight "eyes", a grille that curves upwards like a smile, and a black "snout" on the top of the bonnet.

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It's shorter than the Honda Jazz, so should make an ideal city car, while its estimated range of around miles means that it will take you far from urban streets on a single charge. Ask about reserving a Honda Urban EV. The Kia Soul has always been a car with a bit more character, and the latest version develops the boxy design, with narrow windows and modern, thin headlights.

For the European market, it will only be available as an electric car, and underneath the funky looks are the same components that you'll find in the Kia e-Niro and Hyundai Kona electric. The 64kWh battery should hold enough charge for around miles of driving in real-world conditions, and performance will be nimble.

Ask about reserving a Kia Soul EV. The first to be revealed is the EQC, which is a large, expensive SUV — unsurprisingly, given the global demand for such cars. The five seat model is powered by an 80kWh battery, giving an output of bhp and the potential for a mile driving range. A clever touch is that the navigation can account for which chargers can give a faster battery charge; if only it knew which units were working properly Ask about reserving a Mercedes EQC.


They want luxurious SUVs that tower over all other cars, opulent interiors - with china sets for brewing leaf-tea - and silent-running electric propulsion to meet stringent Chinese emissions standards. The wincingly-named Maybach Vision Ultimate should offer all this, and more, if it goes on sale at the end of Initial images suggest that the interior will be luxuriously minimalist, with a sleek, seemingly frameless touchscreen, grey wood panels and the option of vegan fabrics.

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