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Farmfoods Iceland. Today, it is so easy to be misled by the information we may see around about a product. This is why it is going to work best if you are careful in your shopping. After all, it is ideal that you are sure about what you need before you get it, and this is also true when you get Persil. Hence, as you pick a laundry detergent, you have to ask - what are the benefits I will get from this brand? You should also raise the same when you already chose Persil.

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What can it do for you? Home Tags Persil. Read more. Sort by Latest. Latest Popular. DescriptionThe wash day revolution brought about a complete change in the way washing was done. From the mid s Persil went on the road demonstrating results to entire Ends in 2 days. Gentle next to skin tough on stains.

Suitable for sensitive skin. Use with Comfort Pure for everyday kindness. Price comparison. Persil Washing Liquid Colour Washes, 1. Persil 3-in-1 Colour Washing Capsules 50 Wash g5. New Persil Powercaps Capsules power through stains but remain kind next to sensitive and delicate skin.

With a new Triple Action formula that gives clothes a deep clean while New Persil Powercaps Colour Capsules give great cleaning performance while helping to preserve bold colours and prints wash after wash. The Triple Action formula in these Persil Persil Non Bio Washing Powder is what you need.

Persil Non bio powder is great for all the family Removes stains even in a quick wash. An ideal duo of laundry products for sensitive baby skinPersil Non-Bio washing detergent is tough on stains yet gentle next to your skinComfort Pure fabric conditioner keeps Great deal on persil powergems on amazon. Fairbank Company in the United States , [2] proved that there was a ready market for better cleaning agents. The manufacturer had found a method to add sodium perborate —a bleaching agent—to its base washing agents silicate , creating what the marketing department called a "self-activating powder" detergent.

During the washing process, oxygenated perborate forms small bubbles, doing the " work of the washboard "—saving consumers time and rendering the historic method of "sun-bleaching" by laying clothes out in the sun unnecessary. Persil was the first commercially available self-activated laundry detergent combining bleach with the detergent.

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The invention of Persil was a significant breakthrough. The original name was deemed unsuitable as an international brand because it is hard to pronounce in some languages. Coincidentally, persil is the French word for the herb, parsley.

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Persil is sold in powder, liquid detergent, liquid capsule, liqui-gel, and tablet forms. There are enzymatic , non-enzymatic, and colour care containing enzymes, but bleach-free formulations as well. The Persil line also includes specialist care products for wool and silk items.

In the UK, Unilever markets a wide range of washing up liquids and dishwasher detergents under the Persil brand. In Belgium, where both Henkel's Persil and Dixan can be found at major retailers, the Persil brand name is given priority by Henkel in its marketing. Henkel sells its Persil formulation in France under the name "Le Chat", as Unilever owns the licence to the Persil trademark in that country.

For a time, [ when? It was marketed as a premium German detergent that was the "officially recommended" detergent for its washing machines. In April , Henkel announced a global relaunching of the Persil brand and packaging to mark its th anniversary. Persil's other sub-brands Le Chat, Dixan, and Wipp were to be redesigned shortly afterward.

The anniversary also marked years of self-acting detergents—of which Persil was a pioneer. Persil was introduced to Mexico in It was initially sold exclusively at Walmart stores. Persil ProClean was released in Canada in Power Pearls and liquid are available, including a Canada-only cold water liquid version.

Caps are also available. The "Small and Mighty" product line—a highly concentrated liquid detergent formulation—is found only in these markets.

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Unilever also sells Persil in France. In this market, the brand focuses on "natural" ingredients and "skin-friendly" formulations. A update showcased a new design of bottle that enabled consumers to use the in built, flexible plastic dosing ball as a measurer and stain removal pre-treatment device. The ball is contained in a circular cutout in the centre of the bottle and is simply filled and placed directly into the drum.

Because it's made of soft, heat resistant plastic it can be washed with the laundry and makes no banging noises.