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Dyson Dynomighty Dynamitemarketing. Coupons for Popular Stores Save money on popular stores coupons for your home, your closet, your life and more. Back five or six years ago, I decided on two videos a week: Sunday and Wednesday night. At first it was a challenge, but I've stuck with it. As for content strategy, things have been changing.

You have to know your audience. But I try to plan videos that are not too similar next to each other -- mixing up the content. If you have a street-food tour, then next maybe have a village cooking video, then next possibly a higher-end-restaurant video. Every destination is unique, so sometimes you gotta go for something that's really popular that you know is going to perform well, that's famous.

It's a combination of all of that. The strategy is a mix of keeping viewers entertained but also providing quality information in quality videos. I also really focus in on some of the unique foods and aspects of each destination. I include Google ads on all my videos, and that's still the biggest earner as of now.

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That's all linked to the videos. I occasionally have done some paid-for sponsorships, but not very often.

Finally, some affiliate links, if it's something that I really use and recommend. Another way I've leveraged it is because I started off as a blogger.

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So the website was the first thing I created. But videos go so well with a blog or with a website, because you can type up all that information in a blog post, then link it to your video. When you have your own website, you can have your products on it, so it can be a better marketing tool for actually selling product or affiliate commissions. Looking at it from the algorithm standpoint right now, YouTube loves long content, but the number-one metric for ranking videos is watch time, which means the amount of minutes watched.

So if two videos have the same title, for instance, the longer video, if it gets more watch time, will rank higher than a shorter video. My recommendation is to create longer content, but it has to be very good content and has to be very engaging. That's the first part. The second part is to commit to publishing regularly, consistently, and to also be your own personality in your videos.

People want me to review their travel videos, but it's just a series of beautiful landscapes with no story or personality. I never wanted to be a host. I still don't. I'm still learning. But you've got to try it. Then, there are all these side things, like following the trends and doing challenges and that stuff, which can be a boost. My biggest misconception that I get all the time is that people think I don't have a real job or that I just have fun and eat all day long.

I'm fully grateful for what I'm able to do, and I am having fun for sure. I post two videos per week, so that means two days of filming per week, but then the other four days of the week I'm probably sitting at my computer for 14 hours either editing or marketing or researching. That's the part that is not publicized. You're always thinking about it. It takes a lot of work, it takes a lot of effort, but it is possible [to make it on YouTube]. Every person has a unique personality and unique ideas, so if you are someone with an idea and you want to make videos, the number-one thing to do is to just do it.

A lot of people might make excuses about making videos, or publish one video and see that it doesn't do anything and then give up on it. But I'd encourage you to, if you believe in it, just go for it and keep doing it. In China, the giant portions, and the smells and colors, add to the delicious excitement. Having the opportunity to visit a Balinese palace to first watch the cooking, and then eat the traditional Balinese way, was special.